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Resistance Is Futile

by Not Available

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Violent Fur
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Violent Fur I grew up listen to this awesome melodic punk album, thank you for helping me survive through my hostile and confusing teenage years with your music. Now i'm an adult and finally able to legally bought this album and directly contribute to the musicians on it. Happy #BandcampDay
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akira2019 mélodique et festif Favorite track: Jo`anna.
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My Box 03:12
There's a box with posters, pictures and some stuff It's quite nice and so I can't surely get enough Of this box full of posters, pictures and some stuff No one likes my box of papers No one likes it, 'cause my box is painted pink And I want my box full of papers And I want my box full of stuff And I want my box full of pictures And I want my box full of stuff I want to find this guy, who took this box out of my life So be there, when I find this rotten ugly guy
Welcome 02:38
Hey boys and girls hello Welcome to our show You have the possibility to watch us live right now It's nice to see you all In this little hall Now this is our first song and from now there's no lull Now how's about your mood We'll try to make it good Cause here we go again and we'll rock the neighbourhood Do you want a crazy night Technician, hit the light Hey we'll give you what you want, so now we're running Wild We're five guys We don't like to tell you lies We're five guys We are watching with our eyes We're five guys We try to do it nice That's our welcome to you So how do you do ? Dance around and shake Until stars are in your head But please be careful and watch out That you don't hurt your neck Now you girls, grap the boys And you boys, grap the girls Or boys grap boys, or girls grap girls Just do what you like to do
All Togheter 02:44
Firstly we began with pain And no heart stood still, no anyway Then we lost our half-loved home Time stood still, not asking "Tell Me Why" Then our lovely little sonic came to play Further we built up a girl and discussed to start delay Any song which we could play And in no case, we will change us Our style will be the same Now these are the things I'd like to show I hope that they are interesting for you But if you don't like them we don't care about We will keep on our way - there's no doubt
Fast Food 02:55
I heard a voice inside me It told me that I was hungry I looked around, I couldn't see some food So I went into, into a restaurant I found a table that was free The other people stared at me I got the card and realized The prize was too high They kicked me out and said "Good Bye" Stop bad mood - and eat some healthy fast food Cheap and good - come let us eat some fast food After that - you will see, that there is nothing to regret I heard a voice inside me It told me that was happy It was the best that I could do Burger King - you are, yes you're surely the better way to go When you see this restaurant You'll be fine and you will come Over and over again
I'm a very kind man, I do the best I can I play my game, and I'm surely not insane And I watch my child, it's restless and wild It killed an ant, moreover an elephant Drinking glasses full of beer Hope that nothing changes I look around and I have seen My child is out of range Now I'm alone, my child has gone A van has come, it's overrun And the very next day, my mind's away I start to plan, to do the best I can But it's over now, 'cause my death's allowed I said goodbye, committed suicide
Perfect Life 03:30
All things arranged now All things will be prepared One day, I guess, it will be ready for the day No one's complaining It seems I lose control Another story of a never ending life Any day I felt O.K. - it's over now I am the master of my life I know the times when I'm lost and confused I lose my control and I'll find you In the middle of our world With no anger and pain The story's out now - the life shield has gone away I reach perfection It seems to be complete There's nothing I can do, but parting in my seat I'm not crazy - I just call "It's true" I'm just lazy - to take another youth I look for attractions They push me up so high It seems like flying with Lambrusco to Hawaii I will find you With no anger and pain The life shield has gone The story's out now
Baseball Cap 02:50
The sun is shining Hard on my head It's very, very hot I'm going mad The sun is shining Hard in my eyes I'm nearly going blind Wouldn't be surprised I take my baseball cap - that cools me down I am so happy now - so I jump around I jump around with my cap, I jump around Jump around with my cap, my baseball cap The sun is shining Hard on my bum And now our drummer Shows you our drum
Bottle 02:04
Sometimes it seems nothing goes and everything sucks Like a bad dream, hey what a fuck And then I think, there must be something Stopping me being bored Suddenly a lightning, there was a thing I've never seen before It was a bottle small and thin In which was oil or water in I opened it and there was power I grapped the bottle and I took a bit from it It was a good feeling, but it tasted like fucking shit Then I said to me "Who Cares?" and I drunk the rest Suddenly started flying, tell you what, that was the best I started like a rocket, flew down to Austria But I couldn't stop, so I came to Gambia I said "I want to stop - Is there nothing I could do?" Then I heard a voice from nowhere and it said "No!"
Friends 03:40
We know each other for so long That's why I'm writing you this song Went to the same class once at school Both looked in daddy's car so cool You were my best friend, a better one than everyone Simply best friends, that's what we were Friends Then our turning point has come I was no longer number one A sweet little girl, she took my place And so she ended the good days You were my best friend, a better one than everyone Simply best friends, that's what we were Friends And all I wanna tell you now, Is keeping close to friends somehow If there is one who would do everything for you, Don't put him on your number two You were my best friend, a better one than everyone Simply best friends, that's what we were Friends
Tarzan 02:10
When he was a little kid, many years ago He flew with a proper to holiday you know But suddenly the engine of the plane broke down And unfortunately the plane was crashing down He survived as only one but home was very far He was in the jungle now somewhere in Africa Some monkeys were upbringing him there was hope again And after many years he became a mighty man Tarzan - I'm in necessity Tarzan - Oh please rescue me Tarzan - King of the junglewood Tarzan - fighter of the good While living in the jungle, he got a lot of friends Lions, monkeys, parrots, natives and big grey elephants He built up his own empire, needed nothing more So he lived day in, day out had nothing to deplore Then one day he saw something, he's never seen before There was a pretty girl, now he wanted more Jane was her name, Tarzan wanted to get her in his bed They felt in love - now they are watching the sunset
Jo`anna 02:38
Well Jo'Anna she runs a country She runs in Durban and the Transvaal She makes a few of her people happy, oh She don't care about the rest at all She's got a system they call apartheid It keeps a brother in a subjection But maybe pressure can make Jo'Anna see How everybody could a live as one Gimme hope, Jo'Anna Hope Jo'Anna Gimme hope, Jo'Anna 'Fore the morning come Gimme hope, Jo'Anna Hope Jo'Anna Hope before the morning come I hear she makes all the golden money To buy new weapons, any shape of guns While every mother in black Soweto fears The killing of another son Sneakin' across all the neighbour's borders Now and again having little fun She doesn't care if the fun and games she play Is dang'rous to ev'ryone Gimme hope ... She's got supporters in high up places Who turn their heads to thew city sun Jo'Anna give them the fancy money Oh, to tempt anyone who'd come She even knows how to swing opinion In every magazines and the journals For every bad move that this Jo'Anna makes They got a good explanation Gimme hope ... Even the preacher who works for jesus The archbishop who's a peaceful man Together say that the freedom fighters Will overcome the very strong I wanna know if you're blind Jo'Anna I wanna hear the sound of drums Can't you see that the tide is turning Oh don't make me wait 'til the morning come
When I tell you That I'm inside you Then you can't believe my words You can't believe my words When you close your eyes Then I'm lucky 'Cause I know I'm in your mind You're hiding it - behind When you're walking downstairs You will see me Waiting very nervously I'm wearing some enormously blue shoes And I'm falling in your mind I'm falling in your mind
Marilyn 03:13
Hello little girl, are you sure to know my faces I saw you there, but you ignored me I stood over there, think I can't remember all things Cause you're gone, couldn't avoid your death I'm just alone, leave me alone in this cold world I'll never see my girl, an old forgotten dream Now I'm looking forward to build my favourite woman Who I'll love and never lose no more Marylin Oh Marylin - What have they done to you Marylin Oh Marylin - Is it really true Marylin Oh Marylin Starting to build arms of wood and modern plastic You look fine, my girl, my wonderful girl I just used a photograph, that I got from her daughter Who'd like to see her young mom again She's gone away, far away, plastic gill, You will replace that mom, who'll never see the sun again I will give your live back to you, it would make me so proud 'Cause life without you means suicide
More 02:11
Daily ignorance - since you pretend to be a moral man without a chance For all who care about Forced by ignorance - the endings of our circles won't surely reach their aim A result of humans brain, a result of no one's brain I'm not scared, of the frippery they do, I will declare A decline of mother's child and all that I may see I don't care 'bout people, I don't care about a vulgar scene Only superficiality - who's helping me More 'bout the future, as we see a lot of rookies Who don't care about all A nature which is nude, a black scene no one's nude


released July 16, 2016


all rights reserved



Not Available Eislingen, Germany

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